Xi to address ceremony commemorating 100th anniversary of May Fourth Movement
Updated 12:23, 29-Apr-2019
Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement on Tuesday in Beijing and will deliver a speech.
The movement in 1919, launched by young intellectuals and participated by people from all walks of life, was a great patriotic and revolutionary campaign resolutely fighting against imperialism and feudalism.
In 1949, the new government of China declared May 4 National Youth Day to preserve and develop the spirit of patriotism and democracy of the May Fourth Movement. 
Since then, all kinds of commemorative activities are held annually across the country. Many young people participate in volunteering activities and social practices. Some places hold coming-of-age ceremonies for young adults on Youth Day.
The May Fourth Movement reflects the unity and strong will of the Chinese people to defend their nationalism, independence and determination for freedom. It has helped promote Marxism in China, and especially among the working class, facilitating the establishment of the Communist Party of China. It has also exerted a great influence on the evolution of modern Chinese culture, language, science and democracy.
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