China ready to challenge group top Germany at Women's World Cup
Updated 10:21, 07-Jun-2019
China's Steel Roses are confident they can meld into a formidable force that could translate into a deep run at the FIFA Women's World Cup, which kicks off on Friday.
With silky skilled Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) playmaker Wang Shuang, the squad's standout performer, some pundits have dismissed Team China as a one-woman team.
But there's no one more determined to dispel that notion than Wang herself, who this week has been busy responding to speculation that she could cut her PSG stint short and resume her career back home.
"This year's World Cup is attracting huge attention, and I can feel that every player, coach and staff member of the national women's team has put in a massive effort to prepare for the competition," the 2018 Asian women's player of the year told CCTV ahead of China's Group B opener against Germany in Rennes.
"It's true that we are under pressure, but I'm trying my best to stop thinking about these problems. Right now, I just want to play my game and to enjoy this World Cup experience.
"More importantly, there are always voices that Wang Shuang alone will lead the team to victory. That's not true. This is a sport that requires teamwork. Victory will depend on the whole team. Everyone must shoulder their own responsibility.
"The team will be united, and we are ready to shine on the world stage."
While Wang is attempting to play down her superstar status, China's opponents are focusing on the 24-year-old midfielder as the main threat.
Wang Shuang in training with China national women's football team in France, June 6, 2019. /VCG Photo

Wang Shuang in training with China national women's football team in France, June 6, 2019. /VCG Photo

"We have studied the Chinese team and watched their games. The quality of their game is high, and the players are aggressive," Germany head coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg told Xinhua.
"I know that Team China has great players like Wang Shuang. I watched her PSG games on TV, and I always see news about her online. She has great skills, so she can pose us a lot of different problems in the field.
"We know that Wang is the core player of Team China. We will pay special attention to her."
China's squad features a blend of experience and youth, with 14 of the 23 players having previously competed at the World Cup or Olympic Games.
"We are all top players, among which many are veterans, and everyone wants to fight for the glory of the team, so that means a lot of competition for starting places," said top scorer Wang Shanshan.
"This time we have higher expectations. Four years ago, many of us were still rookies. Now, we all have grown so much. So we hope we can have better performance than four years ago."
(Cover Photo via VCG)
Source(s): China Daily