Labour tells May to drop no deal at long-awaited meeting
Updated 09:59, 31-Jan-2019

UK opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told British Prime Minister Theresa May "don't bring no deal back to Parliament" in their long-awaited face-to-face meeting on Brexit Wednesday, BBC reported.

After the meeting, May tweeted: "The only way to avoid No Deal is to vote for a deal."

Ahead of the meeting, Corbyn repeatedly urged May to rule out a no-deal Brexit and to drop her "red lines" in any upcoming talks with the European Union (EU) at the weekly Prime Minister's Questions, while May hit back by claiming that Corbyn "has no plan for Brexit."


Labour Party has no confidence May can achieve the kind of changes she has promised parliament to win it over to her deal to leave the EU, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

"We have no confidence that what she's talking about can be achieved in negotiations with the EU, let alone in the next couple of weeks," the spokesman said ahead of the meeting.

"Whereas clearly, the kind of alternative plan that we have put forward for a sensible negotiated deal could win support both in the parliament and in negotiations with the EU," he added.

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Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said the same day that there are no plans or pressure to hold an emergency summit of EU leaders to discuss May's wish to renegotiate her Brexit divorce deal.

Germany on Wednesday slapped down UK's hopes of persuading Brussels to rewrite the Brexit deal, with Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman saying re-examining the agreement was "not on the agenda." 

After parliament voted for a renegotiation of one of the key aspects of May's Brexit deal and rejected the idea of leaving without an agreement on Tuesday, Corbyn said he would meet the prime minister to hold talks on how to move forward.

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(Top image: A photo collage shows Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May. /by CGTN's Yu Peng)