Graphic: After no-deal rejection, UK Parliament to vote on delaying Brexit

With the UK still on course to leave the European Union in just over two weeks, the UK will see a series of decisive votes this week. 

After MPs voted to reject a no-deal Brexit on Wednesday, Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to announce she will put her EU divorce plan to parliament for a third time in the coming days. 

After the no-deal rejection vote, May warned that if MPs did not adopt the deal, there could have to be a lengthy delay to Brexit and it could clash with the European Parliament elections in May. 

On Tuesday, British MPs gave an overwhelming 391-242 vote against the deal, even after May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said they agreed "legally binding changes" to some of the most contentious issues. A day later, MPs voted to reject a no-deal Brexit by 321 to 278.

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Brexit set for delay after no-deal ruled out

MPs will again vote on Thursday on whether to ask the EU to delay Brexit until June 30 to allow the necessary legislation to get through Parliament. If MPs back May's deal by March 20, it's up to the EU to vote on whether it will allow a short Brexit delay. If MPs vote to reject a Brexit delay, it might lead to a third vote on May's deal.