A look at China International Import Expo's country pavilions
Updated 11:39, 06-Nov-2018
Wang Hui
As one of the three major sections of the First China International Import Expo, participants are putting the finishing touches on their booths at the Country Pavilion for Trade and Investment.
Eighty-two countries and three international organizations at 71 booths are showcasing their latest and greatest.
While trade protectionism is on the rise, China is delivering its attitude through design. With crown-shaped roof brackets and eaves like spread wings, the China National Pavilion features the magnificence and vivacity of ancient Chinese architecture.
South Africa's exhibition area /CGTN Photo

South Africa's exhibition area /CGTN Photo

“The image is to convey the concepts of harmony, inclusiveness, and sharing as well as the goodwill of building a community of a shared future for mankind, which indicates that China will not close its door to the world. We will only become more and more open,” said Luo Yanyan, an official with Chinese Ministry of Commerce.
The China Pavilion is integrated with the exhibition areas for Taiwan, and Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions. The area highlights the concepts of innovation, coordination, and sharing. It demonstrates China's economic and social achievements and the nation's global relevance over the past four decades of reform and opening-up.
 Uzbekistan's exhibition area /CGTN Photo

 Uzbekistan's exhibition area /CGTN Photo

All other countries here hope their displays stand out as well.
The exhibitors have put a lot of thought into their booths to lure buyers. At Poland's exhibition area, they are not only showcasing their food and makeup, but also displaying a piano, whose brand is the oldest one in this country. They will also invite piano players to play music every other hour.
It's also a great opportunity for those countries to introduce new products to the massive Chinese market.
Myanmar's exhibition area /CGTN Photo

Myanmar's exhibition area /CGTN Photo

"This is the first import expo held by China. Everybody wants to tap into the Chinese market. We try to showcase to the Chinese customers that Poland is not only about food, and cosmetics. We also have other ranges of products that are high-end, with high-quality and good price,” said Andrzej Juchniewicz, the chief representative of Polish Investment and Trade Agency.
More products will be shown to Chinese consumers at the expo's Enterprises and Business Exhibition, where more than 3,000 companies from over 130 countries will be. About 5,000 products will make their debut in China.