International reaction to President Xi's New Year Speech
Updated 13:38, 04-Jan-2019
Chinese President Xi Jinping's annual message to the nation, which reviewed the country's achievements in 2018 and extended his New Year wishes for 2019, was warmly received by the world. Here is a collection of responses from across the world.
Media reaction
Zaobao, top Chinese paper in Singapore, applauded Xi's speech, confirming its support to promote the building of the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
Media in Hong Kong and Macao responded immediately to the speech, saying that the message delivered by the president is profound and inspiring.
As the most prominent print publication of the largest mass media group of Latin America, Brazil's newspaper O Globo echoed Xi's stance on economic globalization in its coverage of the speech.
Other media in this region affirmed China's sincerity and goodwill to safeguard world peace and promote common development. 
Students attend outdoor activities in central China's Henan Province, August 25, 2008. /VCG Photo

Students attend outdoor activities in central China's Henan Province, August 25, 2008. /VCG Photo

Peruvian newspaper welcomed the wider opened doors of China's reform as Chinese culture has already seeped into the lives of the people in Peru.
For media in Venezuela, they focused more on China's policy towards poverty alleviation as Xi mentioned the plan to achieve the task of lifting another 10 million-plus rural residents out of poverty.
Meanwhile, U.S. media had their eye on China's sovereignty, reform and opening-up policy, as well as the BRI.
They reviewed China's principles advocated at a number of events held by the nation in 2018, such as the SCO Qingdao summit, Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, and witnessed wisdom and strength China offered to help build a more fair and reasonable global economic governance system.
Reactions from scholars
Hailing Xi's commendation on great strides in China's ongoing poverty alleviation efforts, Pakistan scholars believed that China's experience is worth learning for all countries.
Egyptian scholar Ismail Hussein said the first China International Expo, which was held in 2018, let the world see China's accelerating reform and opening-up, and its determination to carry it forward. 
In his New Year speech, Xi announced that China has unveiled a comprehensive and systematic overhaul of both Party and State institutions. French international expert Pierre Picquart thought the achievement lies in the nation's continuous reform.
Scholars from India and the Philippines also spoke highly of Xi's speech, saying that his message summed up the achievements of last year and charted the way forward for next year.