China Arts Festival: High-end cultural showpieces to be exhibited
Updated 20:51, 10-May-2019
By Zhang Mengyuan
The upcoming 12th China Arts Festival will feature a fine selection of cultural products at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from May 19 to 22, with more than 700 cultural institutions from across China attending.
The Shanghai Museum will for the first time participate in the festival. With a theme of "Jiangnan culture," the museum will showcase more than 120 products and has a special offer for visitors. 
Li Feng, the museum's deputy director, said: "We'll give a 15-percent discount on all of the products. We mainly want to create a platform through which people can know more about the Shanghai-style products."
Exhibits from the Shanghai Museum. /CGTN Photo

Exhibits from the Shanghai Museum. /CGTN Photo

The Shanghai Grand Theater will also present its latest tea utensils. The collection is inspired by the Kunqu Opera "Six Chapters of a Floating Life," and reflects a pursuit of peace and beauty. 
Zhang Xiaoding, the theater's general manager, said: "We specially designed the booth as a miniature Suzhou garden. We hope to build a connection with the audiences through these cultural products." 
The National Library of China and the Palace Museum will bring some limited-edition products.