Chinese Terminology: Duoshoudang
Updated 13:43, 25-Dec-2018
By Chen Xieyuan, Sun Zhifu
The Chinese term "duoshoudang," refers to a breed of online shopping addicts. Meaning "hand-cutting party," the tongue-in-cheek term literally means "the gang who vows to cut off their own hands." Within the rise of China's e-commerce and express delivery industry, it refers to those who can't stop shopping. 
Every day, about 100 million express parcels are delivered across the country. During last year's "Double-12 Shopping Spree" holiday, China's State Post Bureau reported nearly a quarter of a billion express packages were ordered on that day alone. 
These "duoshoudang" who've gone trigger happy at an online sale and end up with no money for food, say they are contemplating cutting off their hands to control the addiction. 
Sounds dramatic, but it's also a warning. The Internet is a store that never closes. So for these duoshoudang, it's best to keep your hands off the keyboards.
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