VR Exclusive: Botanic Garden of Beijing Horticultural Expo
Updated 17:16, 28-Apr-2019
From the Kew Gardens in London to the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, the greenhouse is their most fascinating part that you can't miss out. The Botanic Garden for Beijing Horticultural Exposition is an opaque greenhouse, casting a veil of mystery over the 1,000 plants living inside it. 
Before the expo opens tomorrow, CGTN will take you on an exclusive VR tour inside this mysterious garden and see the survival wisdom of some interesting plants, such as mangroves and Chinese Banyan. 


Editor: Qi Jianqiang
Filmed by: Qi Jianqiang
Article Written by: Zhao Ying
Voiceover: Xuyen Nguyen
Producer: Zhang Xiaohe, Wen Yaru, Mi Xue, Zhao Ying
Chief Editor: Chen Ran
Supervisor: Zhang Shilei
(Top image designed by CGTN's Li Xiaojie.)
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