'The Cube' gives an artistic take on Shanghai urban life
Updated 18:04, 29-Oct-2018
By Ye Qing, Xu Haoming, Liang Si
‍"The Cube," one of the commissioned performances for the 20th China Shanghai International Arts Festival, wrapped up a successful show on Tuesday. 
In the contemporary dance, four dancers use exaggerated movements to show the "connection between people" in the city of Shanghai, and the stage design mimics urban architecture. 
"The original thought of 'The Cube' is to use a narrow-angle to explore Shanghai, including the relationship between the body and space, the individual and time," Du Yanhao, a Chinese dancer, choreographer and producer of "The Cube," told CGTN.
Du Yanhao, producer of "The Cube," speaks to CGTN. /CGTN Photo

Du Yanhao, producer of "The Cube," speaks to CGTN. /CGTN Photo

"But the process of this crossing reveals deep loneliness. I want to express the tenacious vitality of human beings in a limited space, and the inner momentum generated from resisting the space," Du added.
"The Cube" is one of this year's "Rising Artists' Works," (R.A.W!), a program that was established in 2012 by the China Shanghai International Arts Festival, with the mission of "Bringing Young Creatives together, Promoting China's Original Creation."
R.A.W! has built a practical platform for young artists to create and explore more possibilities in their craft.
"R.A.W! gives more power and support to young artists," said Du.
Actors perform during a showing of "The Cube." /CGTN Photo

Actors perform during a showing of "The Cube." /CGTN Photo

It also incubates original works that represent China's new generation with worldwide influence and competitiveness. So far, R.A.W! has commissioned 71 young artists to create 59 original works.
More and more young artists have made their international debuts via R.A.W!
Huang Doudou, a R.A.W! judge for many years and mentor to many young artists, said that established artists should not impose their ideas on the younger generation. Rather, they should help them discover their own voice. Similar to the aim of the project, the multi-dimensional development of young artists should be facilitated through artistic integration and innovation.
The festival runs from October 19 to November 22, and features about 350 events for artists, art institutions and producers from over 60 countries and regions. 
(Video filmed and edited by Xu Haoming, Liang Si; cover made by Du Chenxin)