Is Trump's administration still trustworthy?
Updated 22:30, 02-Aug-2018
Donald Trump came to power as a "disruptor" – the established order was in his sights, and the power of the presidential bully pulpit in his grasp.
But what exactly does he want to do? Shake things up with a purpose, or just shake things up?
The most consistent theme of the Trump presidency to date has been… inconsistency.
Take Trump's recent visit to Europe. 
First stop, the NATO summit in Brussels. He said the organization was "obsolete," then it wasn't, then he twisted again by questioning collective defense, the alliance's cornerstone Article 5 policy. 
Second stop, Britain. He gave a newspaper interview slamming Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit strategy and suggesting someone else would make a great leader. The next day he stood beside May and described her as an "incredible woman." 
Finally, Finland and talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a press conference, Trump said he couldn't see why Russia "would" have meddled in the US election, when he returned home to uproar, he claimed what he meant to say was "wouldn't."
CGTN Photo

CGTN Photo

Chaos on three international stages in under a week, without touching on domestic about-turns and the self-defeating imposition of trade tariffs on China and others.   
There's always bluster, there are never apologies, and he changes his mind so often he must have a closet filled with flip flops.
A kind observer might say that the hypocritical statements are simply a negotiating tactic – confuse opponents with the aim of getting a better deal. 
But contradictory words – and deeds – from the president of the United States have global consequences. 
Trust creates stability; Trump creates instability. 
When confidence is lost, when a partner becomes unreliable, the risks – particularly to the global economy – are substantial.

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