Beijing horticultural expo sees over 2 mln visits
The International Horticultural Exhibition in Beijing has welcomed 2.06 million visits since opening on April 29,  the organizer said Monday.
The expo's four major venues and the Guirui Theater were among the most popular destinations, receiving a total of 5.26 million visits, with the China Pavilion recording the most visits – 1.59 million – followed by the International Pavilion with 1.56 million.
The organizer said the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday witnessed nearly 138,000 visits to the expo, and a total of 88 activities centered on the festival were held during the holiday, attracting 62,000 visits.
Themed "Live Green, Live Better," the expo, which runs until Oct. 7, features a vast collection of flowers, fruit trees, Chinese herbal medicines and plant landscaping techniques, as well as ideas for green development.
(Cover image from VCG)
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency