Hands on with OBSBOT Tail: Embrace the smartness of this AI camera
By Gong Zhe, Wu Chutian

The AI camera has really become a thing now.

The OBSBOT Tail is a camera that recognizes people and can track them with a three-axis gimbal, so you can make your own vlog without a cameraman.

Powered by a Huawei HI3559A chip, the camera shoots 4k HDR video at 60fps. It stores video with an external TF card and has no internal storage. It takes less than two hours to give a full charge to the battery which lasted more than 90 minutes during our test in a minus-zero environment.

Though it's designed to be mounted, the camera is light enough to be carried by hand for a long time.

We tested most features in the video above. But there are more coming up. The camera's maker, Shenzhen-based Remo Technology, has released an update enabling the camera to track pets. Maybe we will bring you some cat video after the update.

If you are interested in the camera and have questions to ask, you can post them on CGTN's social media pages and we will try to get answers from Remo.

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