From table to kitchen: Snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan wants to train as a chef
Ronnie O'Sullivan is thinking about taking time out of snooker to train as a chef.
The world No.1, who suffered a shock knockout at the hand of amateur competitor James Cahill last month in the first round of the World Championship, has expressed keenness to sign up for a professional course in his quest for a mental-physical health balance.
The five-time champion has already launched a cookbook "Top of Your Game: Eating for Mind and Body,” co-written with nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, to tell readers how to eat, think, and work their way to being their very best – and staying there.
The Rocket pointed out the importance of nutrition for him in his book introduction, stating that as a champion snooker player, he has come to realize that "any success in sport is directly related to my attitude towards food as well as fitness."
"Snooker is all about sharpness, focus, and concentration - how can I do any of those things if I'm not eating well and treating my body right?" he wrote. 
"I'd have to move closer to the school. I'm definitely thinking about it."
This is not the first time that the 43-year-old has put his sports career on pause. In 2012, he took a gap year to work on a farm.