2019 Boao Forum: More small enterprises go global via e-commerce platforms
Wu Lei
Whether you know it or not, you may make your next online purchase via a cross-border E-commerce platform. The niche market has taken off so fast in China that it will be one of the hottest topics at this year's Boao forum. The fast development of internet technology and logistics services has boosted consumption and helped many small manufacturers go global.
Most consumers used to ask friends abroad to help buy what they want, but now they prefer platforms that specialize in cross border E-commerce.
Chen Yuting, a resident in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province told CGTN that asking friends abroad to buy usually requires over 10 days. But now it takes only one or two days and the prices on online platforms tend to be lower.
When starting to manufacture baby clothes in 2016, Zhang Guomin, general manager of Huzhou Baby Boss Clothing Company in Zhejiang Province focused on the domestic market. Despite hopes of branching out overseas, he told CGTN that exporting business is not easy for small companies.
Imported goods become a large part of Chinese people's daily life. / CGTN photo

Imported goods become a large part of Chinese people's daily life. / CGTN photo

He said he didn't know either country to export, or whether the styles would fit the local style.
Zhang started using Alibaba's cross border E-commerce platform last year, which provides guidance on the exports through bid data analysis and he could adjust products and services accordingly.
Since 2018 Zhang has exported 30 percent of his total products to Vietnam, Myanmar and other East Asian countries.
Liu Miao, general manager of Alibaba 1688, an Alibaba subsidiary told CGTN that it is very difficult for these small manufacturers to solve global disputes and protect their legal rights abroad. As the platform, Alibaba 1688 can help provide professional consultations on globalization and overseas business.
China's new E-commerce law came into effect in January. As China continues to boost its imports and exports, cross border E-commerce platforms are expected to play a larger role in protecting the legal rights of consumers and small manufacturers.