Rockwell sees opportunities in China’s promising economic landscape
After gaining solid growth in different industries in China, Rockwell Automation expects to land more opportunities in the market, backed by China's development of smart manufacturing as well as its rising middle class, Ian Shih, China president of the U.S.-based company, told CGTN. 
Rockwell, one of the world's largest industrial automation and information companies, has established itself in the fields of life sciences, semiconductors, autos and certain heavy industries since it entered China in 1988. 
With China's ongoing manufacturing transformation and consumption upgrade, backed by its expanding middle class, Rockwell anticipates rapid growth in the auto industry as well as in heavy manufacturing, infrastructure and the fast-moving consumer products sector, Shih said. 
China's economy is moving from rapid growth to healthy growth, and upgrading the manufacturing sector is one of the priorities for the new stage of development, said Shih, noting his company is looking forward to participating in the development of smart manufacturing in China. 
(Video by Jiang Yuting; Animation by Zhang Tao; Design by Fan Chenxiao)