Pakistan announces the introduction of new online visa system
Updated 14:46, 16-Mar-2019
By CGTN’s Su Yuting

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the introduction of the Pakistan Online Visa System during a televised speech on Thursday. He said the new visa System will allow citizens of 175 countries around the world to visit Pakistan with just an internet connection. Potential visitors to Pakistan will be able to apply for a visa online without the need for lengthy paperwork or consulate visits. Whether it is for business or pleasure, study or work, a comprehensive list of 12 visa categories and policies has been introduced and can now be applied for online. Additionally, a visa on arrival facility has also been introduced for tourists from 50 countries and for business people from 96 countries. 

Masood Khalid, Pakistan's ambassador to China, said "citizens of China will be one of the first countries to avail these facilities in the initial phase. China is a friendly country and a close partner which has been included in this category whose citizens can avail this facility as soon as possible."

Highlights of the New Visa Regime:

Pakistan Missions authorized to grant three-month visas to foreigners from 186 countries

Citizens of China, Malaysia, Turkey, the UAE and UK will be the first to get these facilities in the initial phase

175 countries will have e-visa facilities

Processing time for manual and e-visas shall be 7-10 working days

Number of visa-on-arrival countries increased from 24 to 50

Pakistan Missions to issue multiple visas to business people from 96 countries on the recommendations of Ministry of Commerce within 24 hours

Pakistan Missions to grant five year validity and one year stay (multiple) visas to foreigners of Pakistan origins and their spouses which shall be processed in 7-10 working days