China holds rotating UNSC presidency for November
Updated 18:57, 03-Nov-2018
China will start its rotating presidency at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) this November, announced Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang during a regular press meeting.
"As the rotating president, China will consider holding meetings in respects to the following areas: strengthening multilateralism and the function of the UN as well as security issues in Africa," Lu said, adding that China is currently negotiating the work plan with other UNSC members.
Lu stressed that China will fulfill its duty in a more "open and transparent" fashion. The Asian country will promote the UNSC in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter, upholding objective and fair and maintaining unity and cooperation. At the same time, China will also take an active part in promoting the political settlement of regional hotspot issues, while playing an important role in maintaining international peace and security.
As the core of the collective security mechanism -established after World War II- UNSC is an important platform for global security governance.