My Vlog: A day of fun with a deputy born in the 90s
By Zhou Jingnan

Whenever the term "deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC)" is mentioned, people have the habit of connecting it with a serious-looking man or woman, who is usually in their 50s or 60s with a notable social status. 

So, when I first learnt about Yang Jinlong, a 25-year-old NPC deputy who is a teacher at the Hangzhou Technician Institute, I was intrigued to find out more about him. 

Mr. Yang is no ordinary technician. He's been accredited by Zhejiang Province as a skilled worker with a super senior title, which is almost equal to a senior engineer.

He is also the first Chinese to win the gold medal in car painting at the 43rd WorldSkills Competition in Sao Paulo. 

However, it is not easy to book an appointment with Yang, as a deputy's schedule is so packed with meetings and group discussions during the Two Sessions that the only time slot available was the day when he was off.

To avoid spoiling his only free time, I decided to do something more interesting than a standard interview. 

So I took him out on a tour around Chaoyang Park, where we not only chatted about the suggestions he brought to this year's Two Sessions, but also the excitement and challenges he faces as a young NPC deputy. 

(Videographer and editor: Zhou Jinxi)