Huawei issues statement on Meng Wanzhou's case
The Canadian court discussed technical issues concerning the extradition case against Huawei's Financial Chief Meng Wanzhou on June 6 at 9:30 a.m. local time (Beijing time: 00:30 a.m. June 7).
A video statement was released by Huawei on Friday saying that in accordance with Canadian law, the allegations against Meng do not constitute a crime.
"The extradition request violates a core principle of Canadian extradition law," Benjamin Howes, Vice President of Media Affairs at Huawei, said in the video statement, adding that the alleged conduct of Meng is not criminal in Canada, thus she should be released immediately.
"Ms. Meng's lawyers will bring a motion in January 2020, challenging the United States' request to extradite Ms. Meng on claims of fraud," said Howes.
In the statement, Huawei also claimed that Canada's law enforcement authorities engaged in a "serious abuse of process," and violated the Constitution of Canada.
"Upon her arrest at the airport, Ms. Meng was subjected to an unlawful search by Canadian authorities under the pretense of a routine border check," said Howes.
According to the statement, Meng's lawyers will bring a disclosure motion in this September to seek more records relevant to "how she was mistreated at the airport on December 1, 2018."
"Ms. Meng's lawyers believe the U.S. campaign against Huawei and comments made by the President of the United States also demonstrate that this case was guided by political and financial considerations, not the rule of law," said Howes.
On this basis, Meng and her lawyers will apply to the Court for a stay of the extradition proceedings as an abuse of process, according to Huawei.
(Top image: Huawei's Financial Chief Meng Wanzhou leaves her family home in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, May 8, 2019. /VCG Photo)