China wraps up 100-day healthcare regulation campaign

Following a series of scandals, China has stepped up efforts to crack down on violations in the healthcare industry.

13 central ministries jointly launched a 100-day campaign in early January to fight against irregularities in the sale of healthcare products.

Authorities received over 1,100 complaints and helped consumers prevent over 8.4 million yuan (1.24 million U.S. dollars) of losses, said a senior official with the State Administration for Market Regulation.

Earlier in January, police arrested the founder of Quanjian Nature Medicine Technology Co., amid allegations of fraudulent practice following the death of a seven-year-old girl who had used the company's products as part of her cancer treatment.

Infinitus, a multi-billion-yuan Chinese company, is under investigation after it was accused of selling products that damaged a child's heart.

China will continue to clamp down on illegal advertising and other violations in the healthcare sector, the official added.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency