China has established sound system to protect human rights, says official
Updated 19:10, 10-Nov-2018
China has established a sound system to protect human rights, Vice Minister of Chinese Foreign Ministry Le Yucheng said on Tuesday, when attending the Universal Periodic Review of China by the Human Rights Council at the UN in Geneva. 
Le spoke about the progress China has made in guaranteeing people's rights, hailing the commitment to the people-centered philosophy of development. 
A majority of the representatives speaking during the conference also noted China's achievements in this area. 
On Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying echoed the remarks, while also responding to accusations. 
"Chinese people have the highest say on the reality of China's human rights," Hua said. 
"No country can single-handedly define democracy or human rights. Nor should any country impose its own standards upon other countries," she stressed. 
There are no perfect solutions regarding the human rights issue, Hua added, noting China would like to work with other countries based on equality and mutual respect to achieve more progress.