CGTN Nature: Shennongjia Series | Episode 4: A Shared Homeland
Macaques and snub-nosed monkeys call Shennongjia home, living and thriving side-by-side in the lush green hills.
These species share not only the same habitat, but also the same habits.
Both are territorial animals, yet they live in harmony at different altitudes. Both species also have the same palate for plants, yet fighting over food is uncommon, mostly because of size difference.
The complex ecosystem of Shennongjia offers shelter for all animals that have taken refuge in its verdant forests.

About CGTN Nature

The eight-episode "Shennongjia Series" zooms in on the ecosystem and diverse creatures of Shennongjia national park in central China's Hubei Province. Shennongjia is a biodiversity center, housing rare species such as the Sichuan snub-nosed monkey, the sika deer, the Chinese giant salamander and the dove tree. Countless species of fauna and flora thrive in this pristine land covering 3,252 square kilometers.

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