Five Questions for the Future at Boao 2019
Five Questions for the Future – have you given your answers yet?
There's still plenty of time. In the build up to the Boao Forum for Asia 2019, CGTN developed its own interactive feature, “Five Questions for the Future,” a chance for users to give their views on the outlook for 2019.
As the forum kicked off, CGTN's reporter Nick Moore stepped out from the screen and into the Hainan sunshine to let attendees experience the “Five Questions” at first hand, as they gave their take on what lies in store for China, Asia and the world in the year ahead.
Answering questions about 5G, driverless cars and globalization, it was great to see people from a range of backgrounds taking our challenge, giving careful, measured responses to each question.
The most striking series of responses came from a group of 10-year-old schoolchildren conducting interviews at the forum as a group of “little journalists.”
While the adults took time to think about their answers, these kids were 100% certain in their responses to tough questions about driverless technology, AI and robots, with their knowledge leaving question master Nick feeling very very old!
With the Boao Forum and Five Questions for the Future focusing on the challenges that lie ahead for our changing world, it was refreshing to see such optimism and certainty from the next generation. When these kids are in charge, we can be sure that the future is bright.
CGTN Photo

CGTN Photo