Venezuela cuts ties with Colombia
Updated 15:20, 24-Feb-2019
‍Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on Saturday the severance of diplomatic and political relations with neighboring Colombia, citing its support of opposition leader Juan Guaido and military defectors. 
"I have decided to break off all types of political and diplomatic ties with the fascist government of Colombia," Maduro told a pro-government rally in Caracas.
Colombia's embassy staff must "leave within 24 hours," he added.
So far, the Colombian government has not responded to Maduro's announcement. Colombian President Ivan Duque has repeatedly expressed his administration's support for the opposition and criticized Maduro's government.

'He is sending us rotten food, thank you!'

Earlier in the day, amid the government's standoff with the opposition over unauthorized humanitarian aid shipments being delivered via Colombia, two people were said to be injured at the Simon Bolivar border crossing. Opposition supporters were at the closed border bridge to press for the delivery of aid.
Maduro denies his nation has any need of aid and accuses opposition leader Juan Guaido of being a coup-mongering puppet for U.S. President Donald Trump.
“What do the Venezuelan people think of Donald Trump's threats? Get your hands off Venezuela. Yankee go home,” Maduro told a rally of red-shirted, flag-waving supporters in the capital, Caracas. “He is sending us rotten food, thank you!”
"Patience has run out. ... We cannot continue to put up with Colombian territory being used for an attack against Venezuela," said Maduro.
Washington has warned it could seek to impose tough new sanctions on Venezuela at a regional summit on Monday if aid convoy was blocked.
(With inputs from agencies)