China condemns foreign interference in internal affairs
Updated 15:54, 29-Oct-2018
China strongly condemns and firmly opposes blatant preaching of splitting China by certain UK organizations and individuals, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said on Friday at a regular press conference in Beijing.
Hua made the remarks while commenting on a Chinese reporter being harassed at a fringe event in the UK last month.
China has zero tolerance for any foreign force interfering with its internal affairs regarding Hong Kong, Hua said.
Kong Linlin, a Europe-based journalist of China Central Television of the China Media Group, was obstructed and physically harassed while raising questions at a fringe event organized on the sidelines of an annual session of the Human Rights Commission of the UK Conservative Party on September 30.
The event organized on Hong Kong invited so-called "independence activists" and organizers of the illegal Occupy Central movement.
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