Expert urges men's role in promoting gender equality
Updated 10:37, 07-Nov-2018
CGTN's Guan Chao
An expert on education and women issues has called for men's involvement in actions to further promote China's gender equality, as China's 12th National Women's Congress concluded on Friday. 
Liu Liqun, president of China Women's University, is among 1,600 delegates from around the country. She said the event shows the country's growing awareness of women's empowerment. 
According to Liu, China saw great results in promoting gender equality and women empowerment in the past five years, which is reflected in labor participation, capacity building, and school enrollment rate.
Liu explains, the cites data suggesting that 70 percent of China's women participate in social and economic sectors, which account for 43.1 percent of the total sectors' workforce. 
When asked to comment on the contradiction between women's role between entrepreneurship and family, Liu acknowledged the existence of the issue due to traditional views. 
She calls on men to shoulder equal shares of family chores, such as daily care of the elderly and children, as a way towards a higher level of gender equality and women empowerment.