13-year-old Que Jianyu solves three Rubik’s cubes with all four limbs to set world record
Updated 14:48, 12-Nov-2018
Li Chenqi
Que Jianyu, a 13-year-old Chinese boy from east China city of Xiamen, set a brand-new world record by solving three Rubik's cubes with his hands and feet in one minute 36.39 seconds on Guinness World Records Day 2018.
The prodigy has plenty of world records, including being the youngest to solve the 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 Rubik's cubes blindfolded, the fastest time to solve three cubes while juggling and the fastest time to solve the cube single-handed.
On Thursday, he also recorded the fastest time to crack the puzzle upside down by doing it in 15.84 seconds.
Being a cube solving savant allows Que to travel, attend different competitions and perform on TV shows, but the gifted boy just treats it as hobby.
"Rubik's cubes have changed my way of thinking and allowed me to make more friends," he said.