Nipah's recurrence in India 'appears to be under control'
By Gong Zhe
Fear hangs heavy over the Idian state of Kerala over the comeback of Nipah, a deadly virus that killed 17 people in 2018.
But the government says they've reacted faster this time and believe the situation is under control.
A 23-year-old student is believed to be the first Nipah case.
At least seven people are now suspected of being infected, according to the India Times newspaper. Another 300 people are quarantined and being monitored to prevent the virus from spreading.
Nipah disease can be lethal and has no targeted treatment. One may survive the virus with supportive care.
According to the World Health Organization, the death rate "is estimated at 40 percent to 75 percent" depending on how the disease is handled.
The Nipah virus can be transmitted to humans from animals like fruit bats. Infection can also occur through contaminated food.
Samples from individuals suspected of being infected are being analyzed and the country's health minister KK Shailaja said the situation "appears to be under control."
(Top photo: Medical personnel wearing protective suits check patients at the Medical College hospital in Kozhikode, May 21, 2018. /VCG Photo)