VOXPOP: What to bring home from China?
Updated 18:21, 28-Nov-2018
Zheng Chenlei, Lin Zihan
The first-ever China International Import Expo (CIIE) concluded on November 10 in the country's financial hub of Shanghai. During the expo, deals for goods and services worth almost 60 billion U.S. dollars were planned for the coming year. The event was seen as a milestone in China's export-to-import transition.
However, China-made goods remain extremely popular around the world. CGTN took to the streets of the bustling Chinese capital, Beijing, and asked foreigners about their favorite items that they would like to take home. Take a listen!   
No matter if you return home with souvenirs or not, you will always cherish your memories of Chinese hospitality wherever you go. Stay tuned to CGTN's VOXPOP series for even more interesting China insights. 
Director: Zheng Chenlei, Lin Zihan
Editor: Zheng Chenlei, Lin Zihan
Filmed by: Lin Zihan
Designer: Li Xiaojie, Pan Yufei
Article Written by: Zheng Chenlei
Copy Editor: Khushboo Razdan, Nick Moore
Producer: Wen Yaru
Chief Editor: Xu Jian
Supervisor: Pang Xinhua