Chinese premier hopes Tesla will be an active player in China's reform and opening-up
Updated 21:50, 12-Jan-2019
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in Beijing on Wednesday.
Premier Li congratulated the automaker on the successful launch of its Shanghai Gigafactory on Monday, and said it's the first foreign-owned project in China's new energy vehicle sector to come after the easing of foreign shares restrictions.
Premier Li said he hopes Tesla can be an active player in the country's reform and opening-up and a promoter of the stable development of Sino-U.S. relations.
Li pointed out that, in the long run, China will remain a hot spot for foreign investment, and welcomes enterprises from countries all around the world to expand their investment and cooperation with China.
Musk said he was impressed by China's development speed and efficiency. Tesla will strive to build the Shanghai factory into one of the most advanced factories in the world and localize the products at the same time, according to the needs of the Chinese market, to better achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.