Life in the desert: Jordan's royal desert forces
By Natalie Carney

One of the world's most breathtaking heritage sites, Wadi Rum in Jordan is acclaimed for both its natural beauty and rich culture.

For several decades, a desert-based police force has safeguarded this scenic desert valley that's also home to different tribes.

Since its founding in the 1920s, Jordan's Royal Desert Forces has helped maintain stability not only in the desert, but throughout the country as a whole. Today, the 4,000-strong force is tasked with the safety and security of this vast desert landscape, where temperatures can reach well over 40 degrees Celsius. 

According to experts, smooth tribal ties are one of the reasons why Jordan has remained stable in a rather volatile neighborhood.

A boy from the tribe with his sheep. /CGTN Photo

A boy from the tribe with his sheep. /CGTN Photo

One of the desert police Omar Jamil Albaddawi told CGTN: “We have a monthly local council in the desert. We meet the heads and representatives of the tribes of the area to see if there are any problems among them. We solve them and share their problems with the authorities.”

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