CEO of Ant Financial: We always think how to benefit other companies
World Insight with Tianwei
Chairman and CEO of Ant Financial Eric Jing said they always think what they can bring to other companies. 
Cross-border e-commerce trade between China and Russia is in the fast lane, becoming a new growth highway for economic and trade relations. Russia's e-commerce market has steadily grown in recent years, with several Chinese e-commerce giants signed up for a strategic partnership with Russian retailers last year. They echo new trends in China-Russia economic and trade cooperation. 
Among important players in the field, the Ant Financial, a150 billion U.S. dollar company, is an affiliate under Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group. What is the latest development of mobile payment in Russia? And there has a geopolitical issue at the moment, what does that mean to the company? CGTN Senior Correspondent Tian Wei talked to the Chairman and CEO of Ant Financial in the city of Saint Petersburg, where the 2019 Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum is holding. 
So far, Jing said work has already been done to bring Chinese tourists to Russia, more business to Russian partners as well by using the most familiar tool Ali pay. "We already have over 60,000 merchants which using Ali pay in Russia," he said. 
Jing has been with Alibaba Group for a very long time, he have seen the ups and downs of Alibaba. However, some say the world has been changing; it seems a lot of geopolitical challenges recently. China and US trade negotiation is one of the examples. Since the Ant Financial is a fasting growing company, does that mean vulnerability for them? 
Jing first highlighted the importance of understanding business partners and other markets, also adding that "opening collaboration is definitely something we truly believe. We are always looking for partnership and seeking for 'win-win' situation, which can bring us more prosperity and promising future for both sides." 
Besides, Jing thinks the developing pattern of the whole world has eventually changed. With digital technology, small companies get a chance to participate in global trading, which brings a more sustainable future to the entire world. 
"We are looking for whether we can create value for them, we never think how much profits we can make from there. We always think about what we can do for them and to make them better. That is the philosophy we have."
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