Vaughan Jones wins ICCM International Cooperation Award
By Gong Zhe
New Zealander mathematician Vaughan Jones has become the sixth winner of the International Cooperation Award of the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians (ICCM).
The award was given to Jones "for his significant contributions in nurturing and mentoring a number of outstanding Chinese mathematicians, and his strong support of the Chinese mathematical community throughout his career."
The ICCM is the largest organization of Chinese-rooted mathematicians first held in 1998 and every three years since.
At the third congress in 2004 the ICCM started to award individuals who "has promoted the development of mathematics through collaboration, teaching, and support of Chinese mathematicians" in China.
The award was decided by a selection committee chaired by ICCM President Shing-Tung Yau with six other members.
Jones, born in 1952, is known for his research on von Neumann algebras and knot theory. He was also awarded the Fields Medal in 1990. He is a member of Royal Society of New Zealand, fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and the American Mathematical Society.
There is an entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica for Jones which described his contribution to math.
Previous winners of the ICCM International Cooperation Award include:
- 2004 John H. Coates
- 2007 Stanley J. Osher
- 2010 Richard M. Schoen
- 2013 Jean-Pierre Serre
- 2016 Björn Engquist
(Top photo: Vaughan Jones gives a speech in Shanghai Jiaotong University on June 26, 2013. /VCG Photo)