China's street culture evolves among the youth
Updated 22:10, 06-Aug-2018
By Hong Lianhao
Street culture has been greatly promoted in China and has evolved from the four essential elements of DJ-ing, rapping, breakdancing, and graffiti to also including sports activities like street basketball, longboarding. The popularity of street culture with Chinese flavor constitutes a new style of youth culture. 
The culture has become more increasingly mature and diversified with accelerated urbanization in China, leading to a huge demand for professionals. In 2017, “Street Culture” gained the second push, as it began to be known by the general public with the help of entertainment programs and online videos. 
But this culture has also brought some challenges and misunderstandings. Most hip-hop fans lack a basic understanding of the genre's history and conventions, and Chinese parents used to be wary of the messages it sends to the general public, but now they are open to this culture and are willing to send their children to try and learn it. Also, observers believe China is in need of its brand of street culture.