Director General of UNIDO: UNIDO and BRI are rooted in the vision of the shared prosperity
Updated 15:20, 30-Apr-2019
World Insight with Tianwei
Chinese President Xi Jinping said on April 28 that collaboration in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is to construct a green development path, and according to The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), competitive and environmentally sustainable industry has a crucial role in accelerating economic growth. 
Where can UNIDO and the BRI find common ground? What is the relationship between UNIDO and BRI?
Li Yong, director general of UNIDO, believes UNIDO and the BRI are correlating with each another - they are rooted in the vision of the shared prosperity.
"BRI was started in 2013. It's really a global event, very big initiative for sustainable development and goals. Also at the UN, we are working very hard to develop 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Actually, both of them are rooted in the vision of the shared prosperity," Director General Li said, "That is a core of the BRI and also the core of the SDGs."
The initiative is not only just for China, but also for the region and for the global community to support infrastructure development and through the infrastructure development to promote trade investment, culture exchanges, common prosperity, policy dialogue and facilitation of the economic development.
Besides, Li also shared his views on how industry, infrastructure, and innovation are interacting with one another under the current circumstances. According to Li, "When we develop industry, it will connect to the infrastructure and innovation is based on industrialization manufacturing activity. So those are the interconnectedness of the three factors."
In Li's view, that's also why they always try to bring the three things together into technical cooperation programs, the goal of which is to build the capacity of member states to initiate and carry out their own programs in regards to industrial development, their convening function forums, and advisory services to their member states.
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