New app makes travel easier, better in SW China's Yunnan Province
Updated 14:32, 22-Jan-2019

Southwest China's Yunnan Province continues to upgrade its tourism options with apps to improve farmhouse visits. 

A new function for "smart toilets" in the app "Youyunnan," allows visitors to quickly locate the nearest restrooms, along with information on the facilities' air quality and temperature.

The app "Youyunnan", which literally means "traveling in Yunnan," is also part of the province's push to advance smart tourism and its tourism sector. The upgraded app helps boost Yunnan's tourism sector and contributes to rural revitalization.  

Lijiang Old Town, Yunnan, southwest China. /VCG Photo

Lijiang Old Town, Yunnan, southwest China. /VCG Photo

The app also gives visitors ideas for itineraries to the diverse province. For now, visitors can also check the number of tourists at each attraction in real time, watch livestreams at Yunnan's scenic spots and purchase discounted entrance tickets in advance. 

In addition, app users can also be assured of the travel agencies and services found on the app, since they've passed quality assessments to be included on the platform.

Yunnan's provincial government adopted 22 measures to improve the tourism market in April 2017. About 780 complaints were made to authorities across the province in 2018, 53 percent down from 2017.  

(Cover: The view of Dali, Yunnan Province, southwest China. /VCG Photo)