Moldova's acting president calls snap elections after dissolving parliament
Snap parliamentary elections are due to take place in Moldova on September 6, Prime Minister Pavel Filip, who, according to the Constitutional Court, holds the office of President on an interim basis, announced on Sunday.
Previously, Filip signed a decree that dissolved the parliament, according to news reaching here from Chisinau, capital of Moldova.
"The Constitutional Court has determined today that the president refuses to fulfill his attributions, which violates the Constitution. Constitutional Court has suspended his function," said Filip, stressing that "there are no other solutions following the crisis triggered by the Party of Socialists and the ACUM alliance and under the conditions of a compromised political class."
Filip's move came one day after the Socialist Party, which favors closer ties to Russia, and the pro-European Union ACUM alliance signed an agreement to form a governing coalition on Saturday. Both sides also convened a special parliamentary session, at which the deputies of the Socialists and ACUM, which together control 61 seats out of the 101-seat parliament, elected Socialists' leader Zinaida Greceanii as President of Parliament and approved a new government led by Maia Sandu, leader of the ACUM alliance.
Yet, the Constitutional Court ruled that the election of Zinaida Greceanii as the parliament's speaker, as well as the formation of the new government were unconstitutional, just as the other decisions made by the national legislature starting from June 8, when the parliament must be dissolved.
(Cover: Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip walks out after a meeting in Brussel, Belgium, November 24, 2017. /VCG Photo)
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency