China's not the only victim of U.S. trade bullying, says foreign ministry
China is not the only victim of the U.S.' trade bullying policies, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said while commenting on U.S.-Mexico trade during a regular press conference on Friday in Beijing.
Washington will impose a five-percent tariff on all goods from Mexico starting June 10, a measure that will last until "illegal migrants" stop coming through the country into the U.S., President Donald Trump said on Thursday.
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Mexico's deputy foreign minister for North America, Jesus Seade, said that it would be disastrous if the U.S. president goes through with his threat to impose new tariffs on Mexico.
The Chinese spokesperson also stressed that current measures taken by China are to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests and to maintain multilateralism and the global free trade system.
Geng also accused the U.S. of repeatedly lying after Donald Trump said trade war tariffs were having a "devastating effect" on China's economy.