Round 5 Liu Xin: Complete removal of tariffs is 'wonderful' but 'complicated'
Updated 22:40, 31-May-2019
CGTN anchor Liu Xin said it would be "wonderful" if China and the United States removed all tariffs on each other's goods, but admitted it's easier said than done.
Liu was speaking during a live television discussion with Fox Business Network host Trish Regan on China-U.S. trade issues on Thursday.
"For American consumers, products from China would be even cheaper, and for consumers in China, products from America would be so much cheaper too. I think that would be a wonderful idea, we should work towards that," Liu said while answering a question from Regan about the world's two biggest economies getting rid of tariffs altogether.
Liu, however, acknowledged that it's a "very complicated settlement to reach."
"Basically when we talk about tariffs, it's not just between China and the United States. I understand if you just lower tariffs between China and the United States, the Europeans will come, the Japanese will come, the Venezuelans will probably come and say we want the same, you can't discriminate between countries," Liu explained.
"If you want to change the rules it has to be done in mutual consensus," she stated. 
"So it is a very complicated settlement to reach," she added.