Pakistan following China in poverty eradication

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that his government is following the measures taken by the Chinese government to bring their people out of poverty.

While addressing a ceremony, the prime minister said that the ultimate goal of all the steps taken by his government is to eliminate poverty.

"We are making policies to give incentives to industrialists and people involved in textile sector, our motive is to let people make money so that they can produce job opportunities and help people get out of poverty, like China did."

He said that China created wealth by industrialization and later utilized it to uplift the lower strata of the society, adding that, like China, his government's main focus is to eliminate poverty by investing in the people living below the poverty line.

He said the government is bringing a comprehensive policy to eradicate poverty in which a coordinated effort will be made by all official welfare departments to provide relief to the poor and needy.

When talking about uplift programs for the lower strata of society, he said the government will invest in health and education for poor people, besides providing them easy loans to build their houses.

Since China started the reform and opening-up drive nearly four decades ago, over 700 million Chinese have shaken off poverty, accounting for over 70 percent of global poverty reduction in the period.

With rapidity and scale of economic achievement, China has been working to improve the lives of ordinary Chinese people.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency