Beijing Int'l Film Festival launches inaugural forum on BRI animation and TV cooperation
For the first time, the Beijing International Film Festival held a forum focused on animation and TV cooperation among countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. Industry insiders showcased their projects, from countries that included New Zealand, Italy and India.
This year's Beijing International Film Festival received more than 200 submissions, and half of which were from countries taking part in the Belt and Road Initiative. On cooperation with China, Trevor Yaxley, the founder of HuhuStudios from New Zealand had a lot to say. 
"The outcome of first co-production between New Zealand and China has actually been quite amazing,” said Trevor Yaxley, founder and CEO of HuhuStudios, “The cross-cultural understanding between the two nations is very compatible and very good.” 
After the first round of evaluation, 26 productions were granted the road show opportunity, including the China-New Zealand co-production "Mosley." 
"What New Zealand is trying to achieve, as part of the Belt and Road Initiative, is really to create more co-productions between New Zealand and China," said Mulaiden Ivanich, president of New Zealand film commission.
The forum has also released a research report on the spending habits of Chinese moviegoers.