Xi Jinping calls for greater victory in anti-corruption
Updated 20:23, 14-Jan-2019
The general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Xi Jinping urged for the consolidation of the efforts in fighting corruption, an improved national inspection system and greater achievements in full and strict governance over the Party. 
Xi made the call during a speech at the 3rd plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on Friday. 
During his speech, Xi mentioned six directives in accelerating the country's anti-corruption campaign, including strengthening CPC party regulations, stepping up efforts in tackling corruption in the financial sector, and deepening reform in the country's inspection system. 
Xi said party officials should hold oneself to party standards and avoid any corruptive behaviors, such as playing favorites or engaging in nepotism at the expense of public resources. 
He added that the officials in the system for discipline inspection should always impose strong self-discipline and rid the team of any corruptive personnel.  
Xi also reviewed the experience accumulated in the past 40 years in strictly governing the Party, including being people-oriented and promoting reform and innovation.   
Representatives from the CPC Central Political Bureau, the National People's Congress, and the Supreme People's Court, along with other central Party organizations and the Chinese military, attended the meeting.