ROK advance team in DPRK for third Kim-Moon summit
Updated 14:10, 19-Sep-2018
The Republic of Korea's (ROK) advance team of 93 officials headed to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Sunday to prepare for the upcoming Kim-Moon summit in Pyongyang.
Led by Presidential Secretary for Unification Policy Suh Ho, the group includes government officials, technology staff and journalists, according to Yonhap News Agency. 
"The South-North (ROK-DPRK) summit talks, for which all people long for, are just three days away. The advance team will make sure it's well-prepared," Suh said before leaving for Pyongyang. 
Yonhap reported on Thursday that the prime topics would be focusing on how to accomplish complete denuclearization and build a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, citing the country's Vice Unification Minister Chun Hae-sung.
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This will become Moon's first ever visit to the DPRK since he took office. He is expected to directly fly over the Yellow Sea to the DPRK on Sept. 18, according to Yonhap. 
The autumn summit was decided when Kim and Moon first met back in April. They then met again in May, having organized an impromptu summit after US President Donald Trump pulled out of his then pending summit with Kim Jong Un.
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