President Xi attends opening ceremony of PNG and China Friendship School
Updated 13:55, 19-Nov-2018
Chinese President Xi Jinping and Papua New Guinea's (PNG) Prime Minister Peter O'Neill attended the opening ceremony of a China-aided school in the capital Port Moresby on Friday.
President Xi attended the handover ceremony for Independence Boulevard, which was also built by China, and a welcome ceremony hosted by the PNG governor-general earlier in the day. 
“Talents are the most valuable resources. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” said Xi. Xi pointed out the reason China helped build the Butuka Academy is that China wants to help PNG cultivate young talents.
Xi believed that the youth will provide strong support for the sustainable development of the country.
Noting that the two countries have achieved historic growth in the bilateral ties, President Xi believes youth from both countries will surely build a brighter future by deepening understanding and learning from each other.
Prime Minister Peter O'Neill believed that education is a crucial guarantee for the development of all countries.
“PNG is grateful to the longtime powerful support that China offered to it, which not only strengthened the driving force for the economic and social development of PNG but also increased the living standard for the PNG people,” said O'Neill.
O'Neill expressed his gratitude to China for helping PNG to build the academy and offering PNG teenagers opportunities to study in China. He believes the all-round strategic partnership between the two countries will be deepened, promoting PNG's economic and social development.
The Butuka Academy, or its full name “PNG and China Friendship School – Butuka Academy,” is a China-aided project aimed at benefiting locals. With a kindergarten, a primary school and a middle school, the facility can serve up to 3,000 PNG students.