The Beijing Horticultural Expo conducts second trial run
Updated 10:07, 23-Apr-2019
Beijing Horticultural Expo conducted Saturday a full-load trial run from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., with more than 60,000 visitors, exhibitors, sponsors, and volunteers, ahead of the event's opening on April 29.
A week earlier, the Expo conducted its first trial run with 30,000 visitors on April 13.
The Expo site tested its operation ability based on real-time standards, as well as the capacity to guarantee smooth transportation in and outside of the site.
It comprehensively tested the traffic conditions from city areas in Beijing to Yanqing County, road conditions near the site, and the capacity of its parking lot.
All services were provided like they would be once the event officially opens, with 330 staff members for ticket checking, 78 lanes of entrance, 73 shops including 60 restaurants, and 170 cart shuttles.
(With inputs from Xinhua News Agency)