Trips between China, B&R countries to top 85 mln by 2020
Updated 13:37, 16-Jan-2019
Trips between China and countries along the Belt and Road routes are expected to exceed 85 million by 2020, a think tank predicted. 
Trips made by Chinese tourists to those countries grew from 15.49 million in 2013 to 27.41 million in 2017, a 77 percent increase over the past five years, according to a report by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). 
Meanwhile, data from the report showed that China has seen 10.64 million trips made by visitors from Belt and Road countries in 2017, compared with 9.03 million in 2013. In addition, Chinese tourists contributed about 31 percent of the international tourism revenue in those countries in 2017, which stood at about 385.1 billion U.S. dollars.  
Since the proposal of the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, interconnection among the countries along the Belt and Road routes has achieved practical progress and new breakthroughs. According to Xinhua, 88 joint statements or communiqués have been signed between China and 44 countries along the B&R routes from the proposal of the initiative in 2013 to April in 2018.  
The ancient Silk Road. /VCG Photo

The ancient Silk Road. /VCG Photo

In addition, representatives from China and central Asian countries along the Belt and Road routes promoted their tourist resources in Berlin recently, aiming to draw more visitors to all Belt and Road countries and benefit their cultural and tourism sectors. 
The Belt and Road Initiative, which has brought relaxed visa policies, new flights and other facilitating policies between China and countries along the Belt and Road routes, has contributed to the robust tourism market. 
Under the support of more optimized policies, China will cooperate with more countries in a wider scope.  
(With inputs from Xinhua) 
(Cover: A China Railway Express train hauling cargo en route to Europe leaves the Zhengzhou Railway Station's cargo center. /Xinhua Photo)