Endurance motocross race begins in south China
Updated 17:42, 24-Oct-2018
Dameng International Mine Endurance Race, one of the most difficult motocross races in the world, kicked off in Daxin County in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Saturday, attracting 267 racers from China, France, New Zealand and other countries and regions. 
The two-day race is divided into several groups and drivers were tasked with passing through obstacles including rows of tires and piles of rocks. 
"The way to pass across these stones lies in balance and the control of the clutch and accelerator. We can only pass the obstacles by keeping our balance. The other problem is the route. Sometimes other people might get in your way, so you need to find another path," said Yan Kanlong, a racer. 
The unique terrain tests both the driving skills and psychological fortitude of the competitors. 
"This is the most difficult race in China, so this gives drivers a great challenge and tests the contestants' abilities and vehicles' performance," said Yuan Jie, one of the judges of the competition.