New Year Theater Highlights: Realism has become a feature of Chinese drama
Updated 19:19, 13-Jan-2019
Shen Li
As theater shows shape up for the New Year, realistic subjects have become more popular for productions. A number of plays focusing on people's everyday lives will soon hit stages across Beijing. Here are some examples.
It's rare in China to see farmers playing pianos, but even rarer to find farmers who can earn a fortune from making pianos.
This drama produced by the National Theatre of China (NTC) tells just how this seemingly impossible dream comes true.
Based on a real story from China's coastal Zhejiang province, the play "Piano Sound Lingering in the Town" centers on a group of farmers trying to make pianos from scratch. They eventually make a name for their hometown as "China's piano town."
The play will be staged at the end of this month at the NTC.
"We want to do a comedy, and life itself provides the best inspiration. We don't want to fall into the stereotypical comedy performance," said Fu Yongfan, director of the play.
Cast members for the drama "Piano Sound Lingering in the Town" rehearsing. /CGTN Photo

Cast members for the drama "Piano Sound Lingering in the Town" rehearsing. /CGTN Photo

Meanwhile, the French musical "Ponzi" is getting a Chinese remake.
Directed by David Lescot's (Lez-co), the comedy "Le système de Ponzi" won global popularity by mocking pyramid schemes, which is a good reflection of the problems in today's internet economy.
Created in 2012, the show stormed French theaters and has been staged hundreds of times over the past seven years.
The Chinese version will star actress Jiang Wenli cross-casting as the main protagonist Charles Ponzi.
It's due at Beijing's Poly Theatre at the end of April.