Travelogue: The crown jewel of ancient Chinese architecture - The Great Wall
By Liu Zhenshuo, Megan Zhang

If one were to describe all the achievements of ancient China as a crown, the biggest and brightest jewel is no doubt the Great Wall. Known as one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Wall has stood for thousands of years and witnessed the unfolding of China's great history. Standing before its majesty, one feels dwarfed by the overwhelming number of stories this structure has witnessed, even though parts of it are now simply ruins. 

As a defensive structure, the Great Wall was where battles often broke out in ancient times. No matter who won the battle, iron-gray armor and corpses red with blood were often left behind. The Great Wall was a site where many tragedies took place,and it reminds people of the consequences of war.

Bird's-eye view of the Great Wall ruins /CGTN Photo

Bird's-eye view of the Great Wall ruins /CGTN Photo

Today, war may be far away from Chinese people's minds when they stand before this world wonder. The Great Wall is no longer a military defense but a historical site. The ruins are nestled amidst farmland, and flowers have burst into bloom around the structure. Although natural forces have disintegrated parts of the wall, they've left great ruins behind – ruins which now represent, above all else, the power of human tenacity.

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